Club Championship 2020

The results of our Club Championship are in from both our Men and Women.

Congratulations to all of the players that participated. In the end, it came down to the final holes to win!

Bridget Simons and Kathleen Haser

The results of the Women’s Club Championship came down to the final championship round, Bridget Simons beat Kathleen Haser. Congratulations Bridget Simons - 2020 Women's Club Champion!

Jim Gardas and Eric Williams

The results of the Men’s Club Championship ended with Jim Gardas defeating Eric Williams. "It was one of our best matches ever! Neither one of us was ever more than two done and the match went back and forth," stated Jim Gardas. After 27 holes the men were tied, so it took a sudden death to end the match on the 28th hole. Most of the time they play as partners, not against one another. They both rooted for each other and there was great golf being played. Congratulations Jim Gardas - 2020 Club Champion!

Ben Williams

The results of the Junior Club Championship awards Ben Williams, who defeated Luke Flederbach. Congratulations Ben Williams - 2020 Junior Club Champion!

Joe Lavenduski and Thomas Howe

The results of the Senior Club Championship include Joe Lavenduski as our senior gold tee member, and our 2020 Senior Club Champion is Tom Howe! Congratulations!

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The results of our Club Championship are in from both our Men and…

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